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"Milanno Optical Boutique " lead the glasses to a new position, who is committed to promoting domestic glasses popular taste contributed. In February 1995, " Milanno Optical Boutique " in the center of Taipei's popular culture - Eastern dazzling debut, display boutiques, non-counter cordial service, to subvert the entire optical market. The successful people only choose and provide unique designer glasses frames based boutiques.

2015 Taiwan Excellence stationed in the palace – invite the Mandarin boutique flagship store, spanning two centuries seemed like being brought into the world's most beautiful Centennial Mall - Milan, Italy's Emmanuel II corridors, its intact migrate to Asia Taiwan area, can be said to be unique brand characteristics, Taiwan has become the most proud landmark boutique optical shop, More achievements Milanno Optical Boutique with high-end image quality eyewear market positioning, ornate undertake all the details completely unique Emmanuel II of Italy, a special glass arched design and copy the cloister exclusively Emmanuel II have the appearance of features with the noble golden burgundy dressed, showing the most prestigious Milanno Optical Boutique dazzling strong momentum. High quality presence (France CARTIER and Francis Klein, Germany LOTOS, MAMMUT, Denmark LINDBERG, Germany MYKITA, Japan FACTORY900 and gold glasses, etc.), You could standard like in the middle of "Milan's living room" and glimpse of the world's top boutique design. Please come to visit the spectacle of the world's most noble place and enjoying the highest standard of the top service. The Milanno
Optical Boutique store is definitely the first choice for Asia Taiwan region.