After the concrete jungle of financial centres along Dunhua N. Rd., the luxurious Mandarin Oriental is situated right around the next turn. Constructed with stones reminiscent of Medieval European architecture, the hotel is located on an alley made of hundred-year old granite. Driving along, the road rattles as if it were from a foreign country. Further in, the 19th century classic European arcade and its glamorous windows appear before, but you are not in France or Italy. You are at the premium and luxurious “THE ARCADE” shopping passage of Taipei.

Located in downtown Taipei, THE ARCADE is composed of red bricks in the style of the ancient city of Prague, a dome like one from Florence, fountains like Versailles, the stone road of medieval times, stone architecture in style of Provence. The marble floors inside are elegant and magnificent. When you are there, you feel like you are living in Europe, although you are actually in Taipei.

As you enter in daytime from the Qingcheng St. intersection, you feel like you are visiting northern Italy. As you walk into the courtyard plaza along THE ARCADE, you can see intricate banisters and European-style architecture brightened by the sun. It almost seems that you have travelled in time when you see the delicately carved eaves. While enjoying some professional pastry in the courtyard, you will see the beauty of both oriental and western cultures combined. As the sun sets and the hustle and bustle fades away, you can linger in THE ARCADE under the warm purple halo of the North Star and enjoy a seemingly exotic atmosphere even though you are actually right next to the fountain on Dunhua N. Rd.

THE ARCADE, a classic shopping centre with European style, an enchanting medieval atmosphere, elements of eastern and western fashion, and premium international boutique brands, took eight years to construct. Whether visiting on holiday, on business, or for a party, you can enjoy a variety of products, from classic and fashionable clothing, jewellery, accessories to homeware, in this artistic castle and shopping paradise. THE ARCADE can enhance your life, whether you are a fashion lover or just a person in favour of good taste.
Opening Hours   11:00 ~ 21:00, Monday to Sunday
Service Hotline   +886-2-2712-1688
E-mail   service@thearcade.com.tw